Family meal times

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20 Apr
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Great Expectations

Are you weighing family meal times down with unrealistic expectation? The more families I join with to create happier and more peaceful feeding relationships, the more I realise how unrealistic expect...
25 Oct
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Help! I think my child is too big!

Every week I see more and more children referred by doctors, health professionals and parents with concern about their child’s weight. When I first started my private practice a few years ago I ...
23 Aug
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Seeing the Dietitian: What to expect

Facing the *scary* Dietitian – eek! If you’re like many of our new clients, you probably have NO idea what to expect at your first consultation. Finding the right Dietitian *or insert othe...
23 Dec
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Give yourself permission to enjoy food

At this time of year I find myself at more backyard BBQs and festive gatherings than usual. It can be a tough gig being a Dietitian around a buffet table. Anyone who doesn’t know me is inclined ...
14 Nov
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Why hiding veggies is futile

When I started out feeding my child I was so concerned about the fact she wasn’t eating veggies and fruit that I started to get sneaky. I was drawn to cookbooks and recipes that taught me how to hid...

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