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24 May
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Why won’t my child eat?

Do you worry that your child does not eat enough? Have you heard people say that a child will eat if they’re hungry enough? That surely, they won’t starve themselves? But what happens when a child...
20 Apr
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Great Expectations

Are you weighing family meal times down with unrealistic expectation? The more families I join with to create happier and more peaceful feeding relationships, the more I realise how unrealistic expect...
29 Jan
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Is your child a grazer?

Do you have an open pantry policy? If your kids are constantly raiding the fridge for snacks or begging for food between meals then this blog is for you. Feeding kids outside of planned meal and snack...
31 Oct
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An Aussie dietitian’s take on Halloween

Love or hate it, Halloween is upon us again. For some, Halloween may seem to be an unnecessary celebration here in Australia. A night where kids load up on as many sweets and lollies as they can possi...
20 Sep
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Food skills our kids are missing out on

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to send our children back in time? What would they do if they were expected to wash their own clothes, go outside to the “out-house” toilet, grow and p...
23 Aug
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Seeing the Dietitian: What to expect

Facing the *scary* Dietitian – eek! If you’re like many of our new clients, you probably have NO idea what to expect at your first consultation. Finding the right Dietitian *or insert othe...

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