Fussy eating

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14 Nov
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Why hiding veggies is futile

When I started out feeding my child I was so concerned about the fact she wasn’t eating veggies and fruit that I started to get sneaky. I was drawn to cookbooks and recipes that taught me how to hid...
21 Aug
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Why tasting comes last place

“If only Alice would just taste it, I know she’d like it” You’ve lovingly prepared a selection of delicious looking tasty treats.  You’ve cut sandwiches into flowers, cheese into stars and ...
22 Jul
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How I taught my 5 year old to like soup 

 Brisk mornings and cool nights … winter is all about warming comfort food.  The problem is that comfort foods like stews and soup are often met with a resounding YUCK from young children. So how ...
12 Mar
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Defining fussy

My daughter was very young when I decided I had a picky eater on my hands. From the very moment I introduced solids at 6 months of age things didn’t go smoothly. While the other children in my m...

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