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17 Nov
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Kitchen Wars

OK, time for a home truth. I’m not friends with my kitchen this week. There, I said it! I feel disorganised, lacking in inspiration, just plain uninspired. Last night’s family dinner was f...
15 Oct
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Involve me and I learn

Kids Dig Food welcomes Kate Wengier, Dietitian from Foost as guest blogger for October.  Foost is a family-owned business based in Melbourne that offers products, workshops and classes that support f...
21 Aug
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Tricks to stop the dinnertime wriggles

Do your kids wriggle and fidget at the dinner table? It’s often more than food choice that determines how settled children are at the table. A child who just won’t sit still can put the wh...
1 Dec
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Festive family eating survival guide

I love Christmas!  I love the preparation, the shopping, the cooking.  I love the catching up with friends and family – it’s all about good food and good company. I love the ritual of meeting wi...
10 Sep
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Handling food critics at your table

I’ll be honest,  sometimes I don’t cope well with criticism at the dinner table.  Criticism of what’s been prepared that is.  It often seems that meal times are either triumphant successes or...
18 Feb
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Hooray for leftovers

I am overjoyed when Miss 5 doesn’t eat everything on her plate.  It’s not some kind of rebellion left over from being made to clean my plate as a child and it isn’t that I love waste either...
5 Feb
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Kids and Knives

Kids and knives.  Words that together bring forth images of trips to the hospital emergency department, tears and blood.  For many parents, handing over a knife to a child is not something that’s ...

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