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We believe that a workshop should be engaging, practical and build on the existing skills of participants. Let Kids Dig Food take your early childhood professional staff, parents and carers on their own food adventure with a suite of early childhood nutrition workshops designed to update and inspire. Workshops are always tailored to your needs, time frame and venue.

Workshop topics include:

We love to eat! What is optimal nutrition for babies and children?
Turning Fussy to Fun Strategies for fussy eaters and problem feeders.
Senses Matter We all have sensory preferences that affect our food likes and dislikes and how we eat. Discover how to find children’s sensory strengths and support them where needed to build a healthy relationship with food.
Food skills for kids Promote basic food literacy skills for eating, food prep and mealtime manners in early childhood education settings and at home.
Unpacking the Lunchbox Get the tools you need to keep everyone happy – your kids, child care and you! Strike a balance between nutrition, taste, fun and food allergies.
Go nuts! Managing childhood food allergy and intolerance.
Play with your food * Practical food activities for early childhood settings – bring your apron!
Munchable menus * Learn how to create tasty and fun menus for kids and save time too. (Series of workshops for childcare cooks)
High 5 for mums milk * How to create a breastfeeding friendly environment in early childhood education settings.
Safe Food for Kids * Engaging and FUN food safety and hygiene training for early childhood staff.

Content of these workshops can be adapted for parents or professional development for early childhood educators
* These sessions are designed for early childhood educators and staff

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