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9 May
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Ines’ Creamy Chicken Korma

My family-friendly creamy chicken korma is mild (without chilli), but flavoursome. If you are wanting to help your kids learn to like curries, this is a perfect one to start with… with more veggies ...
13 Apr
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Mexican Lasagne

Here’s an exciting variation of the original family favourite shared to us by Caitlyn Osborne, a Nutrition & Dietetics Student! This layered casserole, jam-packed with veggie goodness, is ...
16 Feb
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Totally awesome sandwich fillings

You’ll never be stuck for sandwich filling ideas…EVER…AGAIN! Use these super sandwich ideas to take lunch to a new level. Some of these suggestions are truly kid-friendly and some ar...
25 Jan
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Lunchbox-friendly Sausage Rolls

What's not to love about these tasty, homemade sausage rolls?? This delicious snack is packed with veggie goodness and is especially perfect as a lunchbox-friendly snack for little tummies. Great for...
29 Jul
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Jaffa Bites of goodness

Jaffa Bites of Goodness. What's not to love. I've been wanting to experiment with this variation for a while. Nothing fancy here. Just added orange zest and a little of the juice. The extra rolled oat...
15 Jun
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Gently Spiced Roast Pumpkin Soup

This soup is gorgeously wintery with a sweetness that comes from roasting half of the pumpkins before turning them into soup. The smooth texture is great for kids who don't like their soups lumpy....
7 Jun
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Green Martian Soup

Broccoli soup? I challenge you to give this delicious, simple recipe a go. After all, Martians eat it!...
31 Mar
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Fruity Oaty Breakfast Muffins

These breakfast muffins are packed with wholesome everyday ingredients. They’re great for breakfast or snack time. We think they’d be especially good to send along to school with kids who aren’t...
1 Mar
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Kids antipasto plate

The kids antipasto plate sounds fancy, but it’s actually my version of throwing open my pantry and fridge and seeing what’s there. I have used the antipasto plate method for snacks and also bigge...
22 Feb
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15-minute Pasta Smash

You arrive home at 5pm and have ZERO idea of what to feed the kids who are turning into crazed monsters before your eyes.  I promise you can get this tried and tested, tasty, basic recipe on the tabl...
6 Feb
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Avocado Dip with fun dippers

This has to be the simplest and one of the tastiest dips around. It’s so easy you can prepare it right before popping it in a lunch box for kindy, school or a fun day out with the kids. Best of all,...

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