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31 Mar
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Fruity Oaty Breakfast Muffins

These breakfast muffins are packed with wholesome everyday ingredients. They’re great for breakfast or snack time. We think they’d be especially good to send along to school with kids who aren’t...
18 Oct
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MYO (Make Your Own) Bircher Muesli

Each spring I revisit bircher muesli - a fresh, totally YUM breakfast that's packed full of nutritional goodness. Did you know that you can pack at least 4 food groups into a bircher muesli? Now that'...
5 Oct
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Quinoa Porridge

Quinoa flakes can be used just like baby rice cereal or rolled oats as an alternative to porridge. The consistency is a little coarser than baby rice cereal so an extra whizz in a food processor or w...
12 Sep
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Winter rhubarb – 5 ways

Rhubarb has to be my favourite winter veggie-fruit. It's technically a vegetable, but as it's usually served with a little sweetness, it is mostly used like a fruit. Read on to find out how to use th...
7 Jan
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Wholemeal yoghurt pancakes

It doesn't happen often, but some Sunday mornings I get the urge to make pancakes. This morning I decided to try a new recipe, Wholemeal Yoghurt Pancakes. Delicious! I wasn't sure how fussy Miss 5 ...

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