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22 Dec
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Festive Kebabs

If you're sick of bringing chips and dip to parties, why not try these babies. So very easy to make, only 3 ingredients (or more if you like)... and all of them everyday foods! Best of all they are so...
14 Nov
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Sandwich press quesadillas

This is a Mexican snack at it’s simplest with ingredients you’ll most likely be able to rustle up from the pantry and fridge. Try draining away the juice if you’re using baked beans and/or mashi...
15 Oct
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Black bean brownies

What a fantastic way of getting more protein and fibre into your family’s day, without extra flour! Black beans give this recipe a lovely smooth and creamy texture. You can cut the honey or the ch...
17 Jul
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Porcupine Meatballs

This recipe is an old favourite. I remember it from my Everyday Cookery recipe book and Home Economics lessons! My dear cousin re-introduced it to me recently. The name helps make meat fun! If your me...
12 Mar
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Lettuce Cups AKA Sang Choy Bow

Sang Choy Bow didn't start off as a favourite in our house, but it is always fun! The recipe can be modified to suit fussy eaters. If simplifying the filling to rice and mince works right now, that's ...
21 Jan
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Yoghurty Lemon Cake

I love cake! I especially love a cake with nutritious ingredients. This one is packed full of yoghurt and egg and lemon. I reckon you could probably knock back the sugar if you like and leave off the ...
11 Nov
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Magical reindeer food

I just LOVE this idea as an alternative to the kids giving teeth un-friendly candy canes to kindy and school friends. We've given these little packets of Magical Reindeer Food each year as class gifts...
18 Oct
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MYO (Make Your Own) Bircher Muesli

Each spring I revisit bircher muesli - a fresh, totally YUM breakfast that's packed full of nutritional goodness. Did you know that you can pack at least 4 food groups into a bircher muesli? Now that'...
22 Aug
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Salmon and Caper patties

This recipe is a family dinner favourite and over the years I've found lots of ways to modify it to create different and interesting flavours. That's what I love about recipes - you can personalise th...
16 Jul
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Chicken & Veggie nuggets

These chicken nuggets are SO SIMPLE to prepare, even the kids can help you make them. You will know exactly what's in them - real, whole food - and they taste great. Thanks to Dan Lewin (Kids Dig Foo...
30 Jun
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Dan’s Ratatouille

Thanks Dan Lewin for this delicious veggie-packed dish, suitable for serving with your choice of red meat or chicken and perhaps some crusty bread. This may be a challenging dish for some kids who do...

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